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Find a good Shanghai divorce lawyer is first thing you need to do when you decide to divorce your spouse in Shanghai. Knowing how to find a good divorce lawyer – what qualities to look for – is the first of several steps to hiring a divorce lawyer. As you are probably well aware, finding a good divorce lawyer is essential to ensure you get the settlement you want, not a settlement that ruins your life.

Find A Lawyer Specializing in Divorce

d a lawyer who specializes in divorce, ideally within a law firm specializing in family law and divorce. A lawyer who specializes in divorce (and has done so for some time) will have a greater depth of experience and expertise than a lawyer who does not. This may seem obvious but there is a hidden danger. Unlike the medical profession, there are no rules and regulations governing when a lawyer may or may not call themselves as a “specialist.” They are not required in any way to substantiate that they are a specialist.

To protect yourself from hiring a “divorce specialist” who is in fact a jack of all trades (lawyers can practice in any/several areas of the law they like) find a divorce lawyer who can substantiate that they are a divorce specialist. A genuine divorce specialist will understand your concerns and be ready to do this. Alternatively, limit your search to lawyers who work in law firms specializing in divorce.

Find An Attorney with Extensive Divorce Law Experience

Find a divorce lawyer who has been practicing for some years and has practiced for many or most of these as a family law and divorce specialist. Importantly, check that a divorce lawyer has sufficient experience in your state. Like everyone else, divorce lawyers move for work and personal reasons. A new arrival in a law firm may be an excellent divorce lawyer but not yet up to speed regarding family law in your state.

Find A Divorce Lawyer With Respect To Your Specific Circumstance

The first thing you should think about is that you have to a lawyer who speaks English. Or you will not be able to communicate efficiently. Work with an English speaking Shanghai attorney, you don't have to bring along a translator every time you meet and talk. Say, you save a lot of translator's charges.

Also, Think about any areas of your divorce that may require additional experience and expertise. For instance, if you have complicated or sizeable investments and retirement funds, look for a divorce lawyer with above-average financial expertise, or easy and established access to such, perhaps within the same law firm.
If you have children, it will be important to find a divorce lawyer with extensive experience of divorce cases involving child custody and support issues. Again, make no assumptions on this front. As many divorce cases do not involve children, many lawyers may have little experience on this front.

Everyone wants to go to court with the top divorce lawyers backing them up. Second best is not good enough when it comes to court situations. The key to finding the best divorce attorneys is to understand what makes them rise to their position at the top of the pack.Finding the top divorce lawyers in your area does not have to be a challenge. Talking to the people you know who have been through the divorce process is often the best way to start looking for the right legal help.
The internet can also be a good tool for finding the top divorce attorneys in your area. You can search for client comments and reviews as well as research the background of the lawyers.
No matter how highly rated the attorneys might come it is important that you find a lawyer that works well with you. The best legal professional for one person may not be the best for the next person or the next situation. The top divorce lawyer for your situation is one that puts you on the positive end of a negative situation.

Considering the foregoing factors, we think we are your best choice of a Shanghai divorce lawyer.

Consult our English speaking Shanghai family and divorce lawyers for free preliminary consultation. Shanghai family and divorce lawyer reminds you that the law discussed above may change over time and may not apply to current situation when you read this blog.

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